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Publications and Downlods


"Studie zur Evaluierung des Kooperationspotentials zwischen dem Forschungszentrum Jülich und den Mitgliedern des Vereins Energy Hills"
pdf, 258,1K, 02/04/16

CO2 Scorecard in the Euregio Maas Rhein.pdf

"CO² Scorecard of the Euregio Maas Rhein: A Survey of the Systems used in the three Euregio Countries Belgium, Germany and Netherlands to collect and to process CO² production on municipal and on regional Level. Master Thesis by Martin Thorrey (2014)
pdf, 1,2M, 08/19/14

Repertoire of Competences of members of Energy Hills 2014.pdf

Survey of the competences in energy of the members of Energy Hills. Master Thesis presented by Ms Ziyi Wu (2014)
pdf, 1,9M, 08/19/14


"Energy Hills Competence Atlas, 2010", Thesis by Kurt Bastian, 2010
pdf, 1,2M, 06/18/10


Project paper for the realization of the "EUROPEAN AGENCY FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY (EASE)", 2010
jpg, 19,5K, 09/20/11


Energy Hills: "Der Energiecluster"
pdf, 122,1K, 06/24/10