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Energy Hills


Solar Tower in Aachen/Juelich

„Energy Hills“ is the largest European Energy Competence Cluster and therefore, the leader in the European Union when it comes to know-how and competence in the energy sector.

Energy Hills combines the energy industry-related expertise, research and development skills of ten leading Austrian, German, Dutch,  Belgian and Finish universities , plus three large national Research Centers and 89 researchh institutions active in the energy sector. More thean 30 private sector companies, three municipalities, banks and further public entities and federations took membership in Energy Hills.

Energy Hills is:

  • More than 4.000 academic researchers engaged in energy related research
  • 10 top ranking European Universities
  • 3 of the best national Research Centers in Europe
  • 86 research institutes within universities, dealing with energy research
  • 300 million euro in third party funding in 2009
  • 95.000 students (2009)
  • 96.000 employees (2009)
  • a total revenue of its members of 54 billion euro in 2009
  • World leading competences in:
    • High efficiency coal power plants including high temperature materials (RWE)
    • Solar thermal power plants (Solar Institute FH)
    • Carbon capture and storage (RWE)
    • Lighting technology (Philips)
    • Education of scientists and engineers in close collaboration with research
    institutes and industry (RWTH Aachen)
    • Photovoltaics (ECN)
    • Energy transfer networks (RWE)
    • Computer Simulation (FZ - Jülich)
    • Converting old waste sites into new materials and energy. (Closing the Circle
    project, Gemeente Houthalen-Helchteren)
    • Smart metering system (Alliander AG)
    • Wind turbines and energy efficiency of industrial equipment (Siemens AG)
    • Improved CO2 capture via genetic improvement in plants (The Biology 1
    Institute, RWTH)
  • the3rd fastes computer worldwide
  • Smart Grids

You can download our flyer (in Dutch, English and German) below:



Leaflet Energy Hills (English)
pdf, 3,1M, 06/29/10


Leaflet Energy Hills (German)
pdf, 482,9K, 11/30/09


leaflet Energy Hills (Dutch)
pdf, 3,1M, 06/29/10