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Energy Hills Initiative "Resource Sharing" online!

RESOURCE SHARING: New Initiative for Memberes of Energy Hills to share expensive equipment

Enerhy Hills Market Place to Share Expensive Equipment


Members of ENERGY HILLS benefit from today on from a unique instrument to share expensive research, testing and laboratory equipment. A new data bank has been created that includes most of the expensive and unique equipment available within the ENERGY HILLS family. This data bank can only be accessed by members of ENERGY HILLS (Password needed).

The data bank contains at its start some 400 equipments. By an intelligent search tools anyone who is in need of expensive equipment has the possibility to identify if another institute may have that equipment available.

At its start this Resourec Sharing data bank contains only equiment from german partners. We will start soon to include also equipment of our members from the other EU countries.

Members can edit themselves the data bank. With other words: the data bank is not a simple search tool but a real market place for euipment sharing. Any member can modifay, complete or delete given information. We invite all our members to take the initiative to use this unique tool.