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Working Committees

The Working Committees of Energy Hills:

  • Energy Policy (Chairman: Prof. Dr. Bruno O. Braun (vice Chairman: Bodo Holz)
  • Energy Sustainability: Chairman: Klaus Dosch
  • Energy Distribution and Storage: Olaf Pritsch
  • PR and Regional Development: Dieter Begass
  • Intelligent Energy, Smart Grid, Processes and IT integration: Prof. Dr. Antoni Monti
  • Working Committee Energy Generation, Transportation and Wholesale Market:: Prof. Dr. Klaus Brüssermann
  • Energy Efficency and Enduser Market: Claus Blankertz
  • Energy Strategy, Road Map, Vision and Transition Path: Prof. Jacques Kimman

Working Committee Energy Politics


Klaus Breil, MdB and Petra Müller, MdB

13th April 2010: The Working Committee Energy Politcs received the FDP-Speaker of the Commission Energy of the German federal Government in Energy Hill's Headquarters in Schloss Rahe in Aachen, Mr. Klaus Breil.

During a working lunch, offerd by Energy Hills CEO Ulrich Daldrup,  Mr. Breil explained the position of German government to the energy sector. A subject presented by Energy Hills was the scattered political and administraive landscape of the energy sector in Germany. On feral level two ministries are in charge of energy, both not being in harmony, and in the state of NRW two ministries again share the energy sector. The same situation exists in many more of the 16 German states.

An other issue was the position of the government to nuclear energy (research and production).

The meeting was also attendend by Member of Federal Parliament Petra Mueller, Professors from RWTH Aachen University, Research Center Juelich, the industry and members from the Netherlands.

Working Committtee Sustainability

The Worling Committee Sustainability presented a paper to manage the regional (Aachen) sustainability. Emphasis is put in defining simple and measurable indicators. As sustainability is a complex issue, the Working Committee is not limited to work on energy issues, but also on climate, mobility, social needs, growth of population, land use and, economics.


WC Sustainability: First Report on regional Sustainability (2010)
pdf, 72,2K, 07/16/10